Mac OS X


  • Git
  • CMake >= 3.1.x
  • Python 2.7

Build ball_contrib

The ball_contrib repository builds required third party dependencies of BALL.
The following steps assume that you have added cmake and git executable folders to your PATH variable:

> git clone
> git checkout v1.5.0
> cd ball_contrib
> mkdir build
> cd build
> cmake ..
> make

Build BALL

The following steps build the BALL project using the ball_contrib package from the preceding step:

> git clone
> cd ball
> mkdir build
> cd build
> cmake .. -DBALL_CONTRIB_PATH=<path_to_ball_contrib>/build/install
> make

Set up environment

You have to set a few environment variables for BALL and the tests to work. These are mainly paths to data directories.

> export BALL_DATA_PATH=<path_to_ball_dir>/data
> export BALLVIEW_DATA_PATH=<path_to_ball_dir>/data
> export BALL_TEST_DATA_PATH=<path_to_ball_dir>/source/TEST/data

To make these variables persistent add them to your .bashrc. If using tcsh as a shell, the export command changes to setenv.

You also have to add the path to the ball contrib libraries to your DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH:

> export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=<path_to_ball_contrib>/build/install/lib:$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH

Build and run unit tests (optional)

In order to test if the build was successful you can use the unit tests.
Assuming you're still in the build folder you have to do the following (after setting the environment variables described above):

> make build_tests
> ctest